Main Street (Pa 381)

The heart of Rector from what is now Wyckoff Road to the bridge over Loyalhanna Creek beyond the Grade School that’s Main Street, Rector, PA.Comment - add your memories.

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  1. Mary Kay Wright Gilbertson says:

    OMG,can’t believe I pulled up this site,was just checking out on MSN best swimming holes and I thought back 50yrs ago to our cabin ,right down the road from Devil’s Hole. Our cabin was “The Wright Place” right before the wall(sold and since been torn down,except for the stone fireplace) So many great summer memories at Devils Hole-the water was freezing,but we were so young ,we didn’t mind. Once and awhile ,we’d meet up with the Boyd girls at there Grandma’s cabin and we’d hike on down the road ,pass the Lig.Valley School and up the creek,snicking into Flat Rock. That was better than any water slide I’ve ever been on.

  2. Ralph Kinney Bennett says:


    Well Dorothy, I guess that swimming pool, wherever it was, was a “while-the-cat’s- away-the-mice-will-lay” thrill and a respite from the icy cold waters of Devil’s Hole.

    Anyhow, it brought back memories of swimming during those all-too-short summers in Rector. We’d plunge off the big rocks at Devil’s Hole, swim and play ’til our lips turned blue. I remember that one clump of laurel to the right was the unofficial “dressing room” for a quick change into bathing suits (or “trunks” as we boys called them).

    I well remember walking home down the dirt road late in the afternoon, feeling the occasional patch of sunlight on my damp hair as I walked beneath the trees, waving hello to Mrs. Critchfield on her porch and Mrs. Brinker, hanging dish towels on the clothes line at her boarding house. On a really nice day, my bathing suit would almost be dry by the time I passed the Rustic Inn.

    Sometimes, of course, we would go down to Dippy Hole, just up from the iron bridge over the Loyalhanna. The water was usually the color of creamed coffee and who knew what was in there? There were tales of “MudPuppies,” “Water Dogs,” snakes etc. Ligonier Beach seemed an expensive and far away thrill.

  3. Dorothy Frye Knott says:


    Back in the good ole Rector days, my cousin, Helen, found a swimming pool in the area. Apparently, at that time, the “family” was not in “town” so we thoroughly enjoyed their pool, which had what we called, paddle boards. These were wooden boards which floated quite wonderfully; however, one of our group got on one board in the shallow end of the pool, made the mistake of getting off in the deep end and went down for at least 3 times until cousin Helen saved the day. I can’t remember where that pool was since we journeyed all over that mountain. Question–did the Rea pool have wooden paddle boards? Dorothy

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